Classes & Information
3 Year Olds* 4 Year Olds* PreK Kindergarten
Cutoff date 3 by Sept 1
Class Schedule T / TH
Class Schedule W / F
*Must be potty trained
Cutoff date 4 by Sept 1
Class Schedule M / W / F
*Must be potty trained
Cutoff date 5 by Dec 15
Class Schedule
  (5 Days)
M / T / W / T / F
Cutoff date 5 by Sept 1
Class Schedule
  (5 Days)
M / T / W / T / F
Most days Kinders
stay until 2 pm

VBA is a Christian preschool and kindergarten

  • Our teachers are competent, warm, caring, and fun
  • Class size is limited to not more than 15 students, with 1 teacher and 1 aide
  • Children experience academics, arts & crafts, play, field trips, and Bible lessons & songs.

Social and Emotional

  • Appropriate social behavior is modeled in the classroom. Children are encouraged to grow in their ability to work and play cooperatively with others, to show respect, love, and consideration for others, and to try new experiences and activities. We help children learn to recognize and express their own feelings and to respond to emotions of others.


  • Children develop large motor activities on the playground and in the gym. Classroom activities allow for movement during free play time, action games, and music. Fine motor skills are developed through art and crafts, manipulatives, and play. Physical well-being, health, and motor skills are important during the first few years of life for development and learning. We strive to encourage physical fitness. We promote personal hygiene and healthy snacks. Staff are diligent in promoting safety and teaching safety to children.


  • Valley Baptist Academy educates in general knowledge, critical and analytic thinking, problem-solving, communication, language, literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, family and community, creative arts, etc. A few examples: colors, shapes, size and spatial relationships, patterns, counting, adding and subtracting, letter names and sounds, science and math (cooking, planting, painting, butterfly nurseries, calendar exercises, and weather reporting). VBA is committed to meeting or exceeding the Alaska Education Standards.
  • We use resources to encourage development in all these areas, such as the State of Alaska Early Learning Guidelines (December 2007), State of Alaska and Juneau School District education standards, and various curricula. VBA staff attend trainings and programs each year to ensure that the well-being of your child is a shared priority.

Field Trips

  • Regular field trips are built into our curriculum for children in our Four’s/PreK/Kinder classrooms. We believe that it is important for our children to spend time with other caring adults in our community. If you are able to accommodate a field trip, please let your child’s teacher and the office know. Some of the places we have visited in the past:

        Fire Station
        Police Station
        Mount Robert’s Tram
        Glacier Visitor Center
        Our Public Libraries

Kindergarten until 2 pm

We’re excited to have our Kindergarteners stay until 2 pm each day for extended learning as they prepare for 1st grade.  In the Fall/Winter we will stay until 2 pm Monday-Thursday, and every Friday we’ll finish at noon.  

After Christmas, we’ll stay until 2 pm Monday- Friday but the 1st Friday of each month we’ll finish at noon: January 6, February 3, March 3, May 5.

PEACE Kids (Preschoolers Excited About Christian Education)

  • This is an optional extended day for Pre-K students to "stay and play".
  • Children are escorted from their classroom to the PEACE Kids classroom.
  • Children have lunch, enjoy time outside or in the gym and focus the afternoon on various projects, ie: cooking, science, math, group physical exercise or art.
  • Pick Up time is at 2:00 pm

Valley Baptist Academy  8-Noon M-F
Location: 3921 Mendenhall Loop Road
Mailing: PO Box 34365, Juneau  AK 99803

  Phone: 907 790-2299
Fax: 907 789-7028

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